The Company Promise

We promise to deliver more than just reliable transportation services! We begin by optimizing alternative transportation methods with our advanced supply chain management platform. Over the next decade – Our vision deploys advanced technology that exploits data assets in pursuit of improving operational efficiency, customer experience and becoming a leading data driven logistics provider.

Our Vision

JL Freight innovates a mosaic world class omni-channel logistics platform and revolutionizes commerce with sustainable sustainable supply chain solutions.

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering World-Class Logistics

Looking ahead, our team aims to solidified our standing as a one-stop shop and reputable full-service logistics provider. We will continue to create freedom for innovation through continuous courage to achieve the best solutions for transportation issues that confronts public safety on our roadways. Through advanced technologies and streamlining traditional processes, our logistics team optimizes supply chain performance to better serve its clients.

Why Suppliers Choose JL Freight?

Need a partner to manage your logistics challenges? We add more than just value to your supply chain network, employing strategic supply chain solutions with dependable, reliable and dedicated transportation management solutions.

Optimized to handle time sensitive shipments and strategically tailored to exceed customer expectations with a variety of affordable supply chain methods.  

Let us introduce ourselves

More About JL Freight

Strategically located in the heart of the Inland Empire, we are largest logistics hub in California. Established in early 2005 as an asset based transportation provider, we continue our commitment in becoming the largest asset based logistics provider headquartered in Riverside, California. We are a growing company that focuses on revolutionizing the supply chain industry with advanced and sustainable supply chain solutions for your business. We accomplish this by enhancing your distribution network, reducing operational expenses, and/or simply ensuring excellent transportation services and products that boost performance and efficiency.

How it all came to be…

Your world delivered damage-free

We work around the clock to find the solutions that offer the best results. We consistently try to outperform ourselves and continuously develop our products and services. Furthermore, we understand the importance of utilizing the most up-to date technologies. We are always seeking innovative opportunities that can enhance our skill sets. We never miss an opportunity to fine tune our vision of  becoming the nation’s most sustainable, reliable, and affordable logistics provider.

$10 Million

Team Driven Performance


Lbs Freight Shipped

48 States

Working for you!

10+ Years Experience


Only by treasuring our most important asset, our drivers, we are able to secure worthwhile partnerships and clients. We aim to create an environment that recognizes and rewards our hardest working individuals, in order to provide the quality service you deserve.