Transportation Technology Solutions

Our Technology

JL Freight is looking to innovate the transportation industry by integrating technology to automate and enhance the existing infrastructure that has been lacking and untouched for many years.


ELD and GPS tracking solution

E-Logs Tech

E-Logs ELD (Electronic Logging Device) wireless GPS tracking system gives drivers peace of mind that fleet managers absolutely love. E-Logs allows users track vehicles in real-time and view driver location history. We actively monitor vehicle(s) performance for fault codes and alerts owners anytime a problem is detected.

Aim for the stars

Augmented Reality Logistics

Augmented reality logistics streamlines supply chain communication in an effective, secured, and efficient way.

AR devices improve parcel deliveries with advanced screening and object recognition technologies to detect damaged items and streamline traditional cargo inspections.

Boost Your Efficiency

Anticipatory Logistics

Powered by big data-based predictive algorithms, anticipatory logistics enables logistics providers to significantly boost process efficiency and service quality by predicting demand before it occurs, to achieve faster delivery times and enhanced capacity and network utilization.

Dynamic Delivery

Omni-Channel Logistics

The next generation of retail requires logistics networks tailored to the needs of each single channel.

This will require logistics providers to maintain an integrated view of all customer channels and inventory, along with dynamic delivery and fulfillment options and seamless customer service interactions.

24/7 Availability and Convenience.

Convenience Logistics

Online shoppers enjoy not just the price advantage of purchasing online, but also 24/7 availability and convenience.

With increasing consumer trust in purchasing groceries and pharmaceuticals online, there is high demand for new cold-chain packaging and delivery solutions.

Improve Society

Fair & Responsible Logistics

The intersection between the need to remain competitive and the need to increase sustainability. Logistics has given way to a new strategy called fair and responsible logistics.

Logistics providers can meet these demands by providing new services that generate revenue while also improving the welfare of society and the environment.

Right When You Need It

On-Demand Delivery

Delivery is no longer owned by larger players who set limitations on delivery times and locations.

New on-demand last-mile delivery concepts utilize the power of the crowd and flexible courier workforces to enable customers to have their purchase delivered when they need it, where they need it.

Electric Mobility Solutions

Smart Energy Logistics

The increasing shift towards renewable energy sources is propelling the adoption of electric mobility solutions in logistics. It also provides opportunities for logistics solutions that facilitate new energy supply chains.

Innovative energy harvesting, storage and distribution concepts can also be leveraged to reduce reliance on the grid.

Low Cost Sustainability

De-Stressing The Supply Chain

De-stressing aims to reduce supply chain complexity by using the right mix of transportation modes Supply Chain to operate sustainably at lower cost with higher quality.

For example, a tactical transportation ‘slow-down’ can balance the supply chain, cut storage costs, and even reduce the carbon footprint.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Shareconomy Logistics

The societal shift from ownership to asset sharing has been one of the most ground-breaking trends in recent years. Everything from cars to driveways can now be shared on platforms.

Besides facilitating these new peer-to-peer sharing networks, logistics providers can also share their existing resources to become more cost- and time-efficient.

As partners we work hand in hand to achieve long-lasting partnerships that last through the years.

JL Freight flourishes through successful achievements when clients meet supply chain goals.