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Reflect on U.S. Economy Without Latino Truck Drivers For 30 Days

Ever wonder what would happen to our supply chain if there were no more latino truck drivers to support our transportation needs? Latino drivers seem to be the most taken advantage of and in some cases even treated unfairly in the industry. Many areas throughout the United States, take Latino’s kindness for granted and even mistake it as a sign of weakness. People tend to quickly forget to realize the impact a month without a single Latino truck driver would have on the US economy and its supply chain. Transportation makes up a hefty chunk of the US economy, in 2015, there were over three and a half million commercial Class 8 trucks (heavy duty big rigs – 18 wheelers) operating throughout the contingent 48 states. People of Hispanic origin are the country’s largest minority group, and make up nearly a fifth of the total US population. They are also a significant part of the trucking and transportation industry as a whole.

Latino Challenges in Transportation 

Even with the vital contributions Latinos are making to the trucking industry, they continue to face uniquely designed challenges:

CDL Testing / Inspection Sites

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, yet commercial skills tests are strictly conducted in English. Many older latinos struggle understanding some questions due to the complexity of the english language and improper translations triggering negative tests results.  

Updated Regulations

Spanish speaking owner operators may struggle more than their anglophone counterparts in keeping up with constantly changing regulations. Information is not as readily available in their native tongue.

Overcharged Compliance Services

The older generation of Latinos aren’t very tech savvy and therefore, being overcharged for standard compliance services is common in the hispanic business community.


Latinos face heavy discrimination in certain areas of the United States

Hispanic Truck Drivers Must Strike Back!

Despite the seemingly large number of trucks on the road, the industry continues to be in a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. Transportation companies have begun making themselves more attractive to the Latino communities by advertising now hiring truck driver campaigns in Spanish. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2015, states over 21% of workers employed as “Truck Drivers” were of hispanic or latino descent. In today’s society, many employers are taking proactive measures hiring bilingual team members to accommodate Latino drivers. Whether we realize it or not, we depend heavily on truckers of America to keep lifestyles citizens in other countries can only dream of having. Without Latino’s vital contribution to the industry yet alone to society and without a doubt our  quality of life will cease to exist. So what would happen if Latinos nationwide decide to withdraw from the transportation industry? Maybe a similar scenario to the 2014 satirical film “A Day Without a Mexican.” (Chaos!) – However pick a bone with a Latino’s and like George Lopez said at a recent concert in Los Angeles “Be prepared to mess with us all”… Share your thoughts and comments here…