Preparing for FEMA Freight Season.

*We Are Proud Supporter of FEMA*

Emergency shipments typically occur during Hurricane seasons when bad moons force tensions for states to declare emergencies to authenticate urgent needs for Federal support, at which commands the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to send emergency supplies via all modes of transportation and at all costs. Supplies include but are not limited to, critical resources, back-up generators, food and water, medical aid kits, and care management products.

For example, the perfect storm can create a world full of problems for support teams traveling via ground transportation. Having limited visibility with tough terrains can make it hard to reach forest fires, flash floods, and out-of-reach destinations. FEMA proceeds as a safety blanket of security for when seasons are rough. As partners we trust, good judgments are always made by all members of the team and commit to providing a readiness workforce on-demand.

Being unprepared can cause much distress for neighborhood communities, families and especially for elderly citizens and young children. Be aware of costs rising when a swift influx between supply and demand changes abruptly making transportation hard to access. Have a source and guide available when needed and as needed. Sign-up for our future newsletters.