Augmented reality by definition is: an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera)

Imagine your car breaks down, you know what part is faulty but don’t know how to fix it. A friend lends you a pair of smart glasses and in an instant, vehicle make and model appear. You see what is broken and how to repair it, all with a step by step visualization right before your eyes.

Advancements in technology will again change our world and how we perceive our surroundings. By making objects more interactive through 3D visualization and mapping, augmented reality will change our perspective on life. A interactive world where everyone and everything is connected online. Where we can receive a live feed of information about virtually anything including objects and surrounding environments.

Warehousing industries is among those workforces that benefit tremendously implementing augmented reality in their supply chain model. Warehouse associates reduce time spent managing daily tasks and are able to work more efficiently. Having readily information made available of orders and in clear sight of an associate’s field of vision to improve efficiency is the route to go. Streamlining traditional and labor intensive tasks by building a unique communication system to process error-free messages.

Smart glasses and eyewear technologies have the capacity to display load assignment information, scan barcodes and navigate associates through buildings utilizing the fastest routes available to them directly. Adding elements of gamification to augmented reality devices would also be beneficial. Associates would see tasks more as a game than work increasing job satisfaction and speeding up operations.

 Warehouse AR Operational Benefits

  •   Hands free operations
  •   Increased operational efficiency
  •   Job satisfaction

New perspectives accelerating network communication lines between physical and digital world technologies will change people’s attitudes towards logistics planning, processing and transportation. Streamlining a new wave of logistics seamless and efficient. As supply chain innovation continues, many transportation challenges must overcome barriers hindering the advancement of newer technologies.

Augmented Reality Challenges in Logistics

  •  Integration of new and existing warehouse management systems (WMS)
  •  Reliability/durability of current AR technology systems and networks
  •  Augmented reality technology costs

With any new technology, cost, reliability and durability of products are waived in favor of functionality in initial prototypes. As augmented reality pushes forward advancing and growing faster than ever because of its effectiveness and capacity to reduce supply chain costs significantly.

Universities all over the world are quickly overcoming augmented reality challenges and as students process information faster than ever before, in return are creating groundbreaking technological advancements each day that can saves industries millions if not billions of operating dollars each year.

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